Sunday, March 30, 2008

SPRING Break? E and T's Post

So, we've been at Grandma and Grandpa's for a week, and it's sure been fun! Feeding our uncle's bummer calves, steelhead fishing on the John Day, going to ice cream in our jammies, and now that death defying carnival ride we call riding home 3+ hours on slick roads with Mom "the hammer" at the helm. Pray for us.

Do you like our shoes? :)

This picture was just taken out in front of the house this morning!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Top Ten Tuesday on Saturday

Yep, Jen, it's been awhile, eh? I have been in a bit of in-air turbulence lately, plus I am at Mom and Dad's for the here's my late assignment. (Do I lose any points?)

Top Ten Albums of All Time: (no particular order)

1. Trisha Yearwood (AKA: Me)- Songbook
2. Chronicle - CCR

3. Sugarland - Enjoy the Ride

4. Def Leppard - Vault

5. Trisha Yearwood - Trisha Yearwood (old skoo)

6. Carrie Underwood - Some Hearts

7. Montgomery Gentry - My Town

8. Alan Jackson - Precious Memories

9. Alison Krause and Union Station - Lonely Runs Both Ways

10. Beastie Boys - License to Ill

10. Wynona - Tell Me Why

Let's see...there are so many more number tens I could add to the list. Just a few of my old stand-bys. :)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Caption..Thanks 4 playing!

Ok, so we had some very good guesses...and may I point out that your branch of the 'Cumbers has a strong interest in feces. I am not judging you guys, I am just sayin'. Just sayin'. Our side may find poop jokes, poop references, poop related noises and the like... funny, but we tend to keep those inner thoughts and laughter inside. It's interesting that your branch has chosen a free-er approach to feces related humor. It's an example that I both admire, and will try a bit harder to emulate. Thank you for opening my eyes.

But I digress:

That was a photo that was taken not long after Rhonda, Mom and I had decided that we needed a weekend away. We planned a trip to Tri-Cities, WA. I had called and booked facials for us, and we had planned a girly type weekend of shopping and fun. Driving down the street to our hotel, however, we saw that the Tri-Cities Americans (minor, semi-proish hockey team) were playing at home! The heck with the frigging facials, we cancelled those straight away and ran over to get our hockey tix. The event was a kick for all of us...and we were all greenies. (It was apparent we were, as we had seats right behind the goalie right against the glass. There was a little ledge that ran from the bottom of the window to the wall below, so we sat our drinks up on that ledge. Not noticing the knowing looks of our hockey neighbors...first smash up against the wall and BLAMO...those drinks looked so nice on us!! AND, ok, this is a long digression, too...but Rho kept taking photos. CUTE, hunky security guard came down and asked her not to do that. We had to take the frigging camera away so she wouldn't take more photos in an effort to summon him back again!) PHEW. AnyWHO, not long after we were playing Songburst with the fam and Andy's new bandmate/friend he had brought home for the weekend. Andy and I were teams and struggled and struggled with the lyric to a Whitney Houston tune...we haggled and corrected and finally, finally got the answer right! I leaped from my chair, threw my big 'ol arms in the air, and shouted "GOAL!!!!" As I did, I schmacked Mom's beautiful crystal chandelier with my hand, and it was swinging like mad. Andy were jubilant. Mom was not. She was piiiiisssed. I think Andy's friend thought we were all a bit off. I got the giggles, and this is the evidence. Hope I captured the essence of the may have been one of those "you had to be there" moments, but that photo kills me. Yikes.

How about THIS???!!

Ok, so my amazing, supportive, loving cousins can't believe that that was my worst picture...ok, it wasn't....but without digging into old albums, I couldn't find any pictures hardly at all!! (And, c'mon, it's pretty bad. I look like those skinny investigative reporters that get into fat suits to test people's reactions to chubby girls.) Sad. Anyway, you see, I am the picture taker in the family. When you are behind the camera, there is little evidence that you exist. I am the unseen force field that makes peanut butter sandwiches and does laundry. :) So, here's a better attempt.

First, me dressed up like Pat Benetar's fat little sister (ok, not really, don't know WHAT my costume was, but here I am on Halloween. OOOOHHHH, horizontal stripes...we big girls know that's a no no....wish I would have known that then!!) And me, with my snowman filled with jelly beans that I sent to Ronnie Regan when he was shot. See my junkyard dog eye that's gone a bit looks a bit sinister, does it not? Why am I not smiling? Had the jellybeans been implanted with a bugging device so I could learn the intricies of Reganomics? Were they laced with an unknown substance in my hopes to overthrow the government and seize power as both the first female and first child as president of the US? We may never know what was going through my patriotic little head. Strange child I was. Strange indeed. :)

Friday, March 21, 2008

What the heck is Gollum?

Ok, so I think we should have called them your "ilookedlikeshitinthispicture" picture, 'cause folks like me have continuously wondered what in tarnation the 'Gollum picture" meant. (Yeah, I googled it...and I get it now.) Here's a 4th of July picture that spurred my interest in Curves. Good goly! I look like the Sam that ate Sam. Yikes. I don't mind the hair, and I have makeup on (thank goodness) or people would have been down right frightened! Ta Ta.


Name that Caption!!

Ok, folks, are you ready to play "Name that Caption"? So, this is a bit of a reply to Rhonda's fishy picture post. This is indeed a BAD picture of me, but let's make it interesting...what was going on? Any idears? Post your ideas for a caption/scenario that would have me in this state. After I get a few votes, I will post the actual setup of the photo. Pretty funny stuff, if you ask me. :) Happy Friday, Y'all!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Top Ten Tuesday - Songs I'm Embarrassed to Admit I Love!

Top Ten Tuesday - Songs I'm Embarrassed to Admit I Love!
1. The Star Spangled Banner - Ok, I am a cornball, but I have loved it since I was a child
2. The theme from the Little Einsteins cartoon - anyone? anyone?
3. Blame it on the Rain - Milli Vanilli
4. As Yet Untitled - Terrence Trent Darby
5. Electric Avenue - Eddie Grant (Amy, please tell me you remember singing that in your carport with me...good times.)
6. I'm Just a Country Boy - Don Williams
7. In the Air Tonight - Phil Collins/Genesis
8. No One is to Blame - Howard Jones
9. Eternal Flame - Bengals
10. I Lost on Jeopardy - Weird Al Yankovic

Monday, March 17, 2008

Don't Say I Do...

In honor of my parent's 39th wedding anniversary, I have compiled a few simple thoughts. While I understand my limitations as a writer, (a poet I am not...thus the BORROWED poem for Jenny's birthday post) I know I am a thinker. I think, I analyze, I symbolize, and so forth. So, here are a few words to commemorate this marvelous event. (Plus, much to my chagrin, NONE of the kids called them on Saturday. I did send a card, but ok, I feel pretty much this small about that.)

Don't Say "I Do"

When you marry, don't say "I do". "I do" is simply for the moment. It's a non-committal statement. "I do" means you can't rely on your spouse from the past, to the present, and into the future. "I do" is for the here and now. What we should say is I HAVE, I do AND I WILL! I have loved, honored, and protected my love. I HAVE demonstrated my commitment, my dedication, my sacrifice. And perhaps most importantly, I WILL continue to do so. Knowing that fact, deep within your core, is perhaps the most important factor of all, isn't it? It's that unfaltering faith in your beloved...that they will be there for you, and you for them... today, tomorrow and always.

Happy 39 you guys, I am so proud of you, and am so grateful for the lessons you have taught, are teaching, and will continue to teach.

God Bless You Both!

Love, Sam :)

Video game playin' fools in 1982...River Raider world champions!

Video game playin' fools in 2008...Guitar Hero II world semi-pros. :)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Flashback/Guest Blogging Backfire

Ok, this picture is one of my most favoritest of little E when she was a baby gul. She started the whole OBSESSION with horses when she was like, born, I guess. She could always make a horse sound that sounded more like horses than horses themselves. So, here she is riding one of her first. Enjoy.

Here is T-Bone at Grandma Red's house...playing in the laundry basket. The smile that melts me. :) Mommy's baby boy. Still is. :)

So...Mom and Dad were here this week to help with the kids. We had so much fun! I was checking the blogs (I try to self-regulate...I REALLY don't have a problem with my blog checking...really.) and so I wanted to show something funny to Mom on one of them. I said innocently, "hey ma, do you want to guest blog?" She innocently responds, "well sure, honey...what shall I blog about?" I gave a few suggestions, showed her where my pictures were stored, and went on my merry little way. Much to my chagrin, upon returning to check out her comments, I saw the bait she so cleverly laid in the trap for y'all to discover my ever so brilliant mental capacity. So, I will fess goes.

1) When mom was bathing one day when I came in to go potty. I was really little and had commented on her "wings". I wanted to know when I would get my "wings". Unsure about my question, she determined I was talking about breasts. Yup. Couldn't wait to get 'em, and now I wish I didn't have 'em. Funny. Just like when you fly for the first golly I EARNED my wings. :)

2) Stupid Couple Poster Children - Jason and I were on a long road trip to Colorado a LONG time I was still a stupid kid (twentysomething), and it had started to rain. The frigging windshield wipers were squeaking incessantly. Like, let me see if I can roll up the window on my windpipe, stop my breathing so that SOUND WILL STOP...squeaking. We sound like we are similar to Leanna and Jeff on road trips. (someone mentioned the let's say, tension, when they road trip together...I feel your pain, sista.) Anyway, we were getting desperate for that sound to stop, so yep, you guessed 'er, we smeared 10-30 on them. Worked like a charm, the squeaking stopped. See, we're brilliant. (Nope, not even going to mention the whole visibility factor. Nope. I refuse.) HA! Gotcha Mom!!!

Ok, so for sweet, sweet are some topics you all feel free to email Mom about:

- What does SHATOOT mean?

- When you are hungry, what food items do you see in snowbanks?

- Is it fun to take care of 500 baby chicks?

:) (evil laugh) Aaahaaaahaaahaaa!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Top Ten TV Shows of All Time

1. Days of our Lives - addicted. I own it. Have had this problem for YEARS.
2. Three's Company - Love it. Janet fan, not so much Chrissy.
3. Love Connection - used to watch with Andy after my shift as a waitress. LOVED it.
4. Arsenio Hall - Ditto above.
5. Grey's Anatomy - Need more romance and kooky disfunctional people in my life.
6. Desperate Housewives - Ditto above.
7. The Flintstones - especially the appliances that were ammimals.
8. The Jetsons - the machines that amazed me. MISS HANNA-BARBERA CARTOONS!
9. Take Home Chef - Curtis the yummy Aussie making yummy dishes.
10. How it's Made - I am a geek, yes, I know. LOVE that show. :)

I am sure I will think of more as soon as I post this. :)

Happy Birthday, Jennifer! XOXO

This is a Birthday blessing my good friend read to me this past year on my birthday. I just love it, and I love her!

Birthday Blessing
May you sip contentedly from the fragrant wine of your life.
May you stretch eagerly into the opening light of each new day.
May you discover kernels of wisdom hidden in unwanted experiences.
May you find comfort and sonsolations when you are hurting.
May you know the protection and guidance of your angels.
May you hear the tender voice of the beloved calling to you in the deepest part of your being.
May you have a soul friend whose unconditional love gives you courage to keep growing.
May you be the bearer of loving-kindness when you meet those who suffer.
May you gather your daily blessings to your heart and relish their presence.
May you never give up seeking greater peace for yourself and for your world.
May you got to sleep each evening aware of being held in the embrace of a merciful and welcoming God.
May you hear the marvelous music singing in your soul every moment, lauding the exquisite gift of being alive.
Joyce Rupp
Mom and Dad say Happy Birthday, too! We Love you, Jenny. We're so lucky to have you in our family.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Guest Blog of the day=======

I Was hoping that all of you could send in your suggestions to Sam. For what to do if your windshield wipers squeak.This is valued information that Sam could use, And she can explain . that to you. And for all you girls raising girls have Sam explain to them when they will get their wings. She knows alot, But aparently not about windshield wipers. LOL Teach her to ask me to blog..... LOL Hugs and Kisses, Mom :)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday Flashback: Favorite Family Portrait

Ok, so not much of a flashback, but get a load of this family portrait. Taken at my brother's wedding, we are all in our traditional roles...

Photographer: "Stand still, would you...c'mon you guys, quit laughing and cracking jokes and hold still so I can get the frigging shot!"
Dad: "Don't I look skinny? I opted to skip the wedding cake, I am SOOO six packed!!"
Mom: "You see? You see what I have to deal with? You see what I have dealt with over the years? Sheesh."
Andy: "This is the shizzle. I love this group of misfits!!"
Me: "Wha? What the hell is going on? What have I missed? Yes, of COURSE I get the joke!!"
Rhonda: "Do I look cute? Hurry, snap it so I can drop this pose!"
Pretty funny stuff. Oh how I love my family. Happy weekend y'all.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Top Ten Breakup Songs

Ok, here's my list....I mostly am a pissed off mofo when breakups happen. You know the old saying, "If you love something, set it free. If it doesn't come back to you, chase it down and kill it!!!"

1. My Give a Damn's Busted
2. Forgive - Rebecca Lynn Howard
3. You Ought to Know - Alanis
4. Starts With Goodbye & Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood
5. Kerosene - Miranda Lambert
6. Love Bites - Def Leppard
7. Trying to Love You - Trisha Yearwood
8. Let Me Go - Three Doors Down
9. You Don't Even Know Who I Am - Patty Loveless
10. Whatever You Say - Martina McBride

So, some of these are maybe iffy...right before you break up songs, perhaps. Dern good ones, IMHO, however.

S :)