Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Praise God!

When we started to get good news about Daddio, I took a moment on my FB page to Praise God....there are many reasons for the decision to do so, but then I decided that wasn't quite right. If I only praise Him for a moment, then what's the point? Like, praise him really quick and then go on with my non-praising ways? Nah. Can't have it. So, honestly, amid my blubbering and sobbing and grateful release of tears, on Monday I dropped to the bathroom floor and clasped my hands together and prayerfully thanked Him for every blessing He has ever bestowed upon me. Like, profuesly. Yup. Tried to leave no stone unturned. I was all, "And, (sob...sob) thank you for helping me find my favorite earring the other day, and thank you for making sure my kids have shoes, and thank you...." Well, you get my drift. Foolish, Samlike, and completely cookoo? Perhaps? I just cannot tell you the way this has made me feel! Like I can totally take on the world. You pair that with a the beauty, comfort and joy of an old friend back in my life, and yes...I'm totally obnoxiously happy. I'm like...this happy!

Free and happy, like this hippie voodoo weirdball chick! :) God is GOOD! :D

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday on Sunday - Amy Edition

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Amy.

10. She's always been my fashion icon. I wanted her hair so badly. I had a permanent permanent from grade 2 until highschool. Trying to get that perfect natural curl she had. Alas, I got friz...

9. She's stinking hilarious. She makes me laugh ALMOST every day, via Facebook. I would like to live by her so I can just go over there and laugh at her. (That really doesn't sound nice, but you dig me...right?)

8. She's real. Real moms aren't perfect...but she loves her kids more Oprah loves chicken. And she's a mama bear, I wouldn't cross her over her young! YOWIE.

7. She's extra pretty. She may get a big head about reading this, but she's just one of those timeless, classic beauties that never seems to age, and she honestly just gets prettier with age...(Who DOES that?)

6. She is handy. She can set a toilet, and when I was at her house recently, she was mowing. A HUGE lawn. She's a kick @$$ woman. Tough, and can handle her own stuff, thank you very much!

5. I love how she is quirky. The stuff that she finds funny is SOO totally off the wall at times, but I totally totally get her. (One post I always remember was about driving in "packs" with people, and being on the freeway with them, and then having them exit...she felt abandoned and upset for the betrayal. Love it.)

4. She's soooo caring. One time when we were children, she said black was her favorite color, because she felt bad for it. No one else liked it. Love that. Priceless.

3. Her faith shines though. She loves her Father with all her heart, and it shows. I feel like she is raising her children in the Way of our Father...and that makes me very proud of her. (They...I mean they are....both of those Berg parents.) :)

2. She's talented. She poo poos the work she does, but from her blog writing (Not kiddin' yall, I think she should be paid and stuff) to her fondant work and her Cricut stuff, I love seeing her creative fruits! She's really got a great eye.

1. She does not take herself too seriously. She's always first to make a joke, poke some fun, or overall just be willing to laugh, even at herself.

As you can see, for this and many more reasons, I'm a big fan. Love you, Aims! :)