Monday, March 29, 2010


What a break we had! Went to Oceanside on Monday, and stayed in the GLORIOUS beach house mom and dad graciously rented for us, and played on the beach, ate at the Sea Hag, watched them play the bottles, laughed until my face hurt, chewed gum biotch (inside joke) and had a MARVELOUS TIME! Hardest part was leaving this gorgeous gourmet kitchen, it was so lovely!!! Anyway, then hit the zoo on the way home. Such a nice week! Thanks, Grandma Red and Papa Big Truck!! We LOVE you!!!

Cave @ Oceanside - Emma wasn't a huge fan. Can you tell? Me neither, really. Saw a BUNCH of falling rocks before entering. Yikesy poo.

Nonnie looks like she thinks I am going to harm her or sumpthin. :)

Baby Annie Woo. She hearts me so.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday - Battles Royales

UG. Really? I am not going to tip my WHOLE hand. I'll just post some of the ones that won't make the readers cringe.

Top Ten Fights With Him
1. The other day, we argued loudly over the Toyota recall. He says brakes were the main cause, I say acceleration. Yep, he left for work pissed at me. Deeply important issue to him, apparently. We don't own a Toyota, mind you.

2. Once we argued for miles on a trip through Baker Co because he calls Sumpter SUMPNER. SUMPNER. I don't see an "n" in that word, do you? So freaking hard headed.

3. I assembled his hamburger bun for him one night. He comes in and says "WHY DID YOU MESS UP MY HAMBURGER!" "YOU KNOW I LIKE MY TOMATO BEFORE MY LETTUCE!!!" Wow. I hate it when things like that ruin my dinner. ;)

4. Once he had worked really hard on the weekends, like six or so months straight without a day off. He was super tired. I always offered to drive home on the way back from John Day. He never let me. Ever. Once he finally relented. I got in, pulled out onto the road and bashed a deer. He was really really happy with me. Yikes.

5. Once while traveling to CO, I needed to pee and was super uncomfy. He refused to stop. I finally said that if he did not stop, he would be minus one passenger. He finally stopped and I refused to get back in the rig. He laughed at me. LAUGHED. Wrong move, Bucko. I walked for miles and miles. Looking for the nearest payphone. To call Mom and Dad. To drive to UT to pick me up. (Good thing I finally got back in the pickup.)

Ok, five. That's about all I can think of that's share-worthy. TAG! You're all it!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bastikball 2010

Quick post to share my WNBA star with you. Another great season. Cute girls and fun. The things I allow myself to be roped into... :) She's in the purple tee, second from the right end. She did really well this season. Last season in elementary. :( Now off to big kid land next year. YIKES!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Through pain and struggle, loss and desperation....happiness, joy, laughter and light

Through all the highest highs and lowest lows.

Where would we all be...

Without our amazing family?

Monday, March 8, 2010

How are YOUR index fingers?

I was just over in the main office using the paper cutter. The Marie Antionette-like large 1960's contraption that every office cannot live without....that one. I really thought I was paying attention, talking to a co-worker, cut, talk, cut, talk. She left the room and BAM! Almost chopped the tip of my index finger off. Now it's throbbing, hot and turning purple. Fun stuff. As I got to thinking about index fingers have truly been through the ringer. (Not a desperate attempt at a pun, I'm serious.) Anyway, this finger...the now purple and not-severed one, also had itself SMASHED barbarically in a large 8+' metal and glass door at our local jewlery store on or around August 3, 1996. How did I remember the date? I was dropping my wedding ring off to have it soldered right before my wedding. My poor little finger had to be bandaged on the big day, and you know what? It has never been the same....and boy neither have I! (Slight digression.) The nail grows improperly and funky looking...there are two layers. Ick.

As for the other index it STUCK in a KitchenAid mixer when I was 9 or 10. STUCK inbetween the beaters...those beaters in those days were welded into one finger was amongst the mangled mess. Sure you've all head this glad Rhonda was there to "save the day". ;) Hee hee. My message today? Take care of your pointers. For they help you point, use the "T, G, R, F, E" keys on your keyboard along with MANY other things busy mommies need our pointers for. Don't chop, smash and mixer them. K?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Update - My life is really boring, apparently.

What a busy weekend. 50 degree temps left me itching to clean out my I hit them and hit them hard. Sissy and I worked on the front beds, cleaned out the muck and rearranged the authentic John Day river rock, and cleaned out my whiskey barrels and the berm too. It always makes my wrists sore to do all that raking. Isn't that strange that I don't ache too badly anywhere else after serious yard work...just my wrists. Such a wimpo. Then today we decided to bike ride down to the park and take some batting practice. Getting these punks geared up for baseball season, baby. T's gonna be a hitter this season, and sissy just needs her confidence back. Who knows, the glasses may help too. She can really hit when she wantsta. Stinker. Wanted to make the Pioneer Woman apple fritters all weekend, and DIDN'T get that done, so that will have to roll over to tomorrow. OH TOMORROW!!! My sweet friend just graduated from beauty school, and she is like style fashionista cutie pants kinda girl, and now I am officially one of her FIRST clients! Tomorrow is hair day. Boy do I need it. Ok, that covers it. TTFN.