Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday - Battles Royales

UG. Really? I am not going to tip my WHOLE hand. I'll just post some of the ones that won't make the readers cringe.

Top Ten Fights With Him
1. The other day, we argued loudly over the Toyota recall. He says brakes were the main cause, I say acceleration. Yep, he left for work pissed at me. Deeply important issue to him, apparently. We don't own a Toyota, mind you.

2. Once we argued for miles on a trip through Baker Co because he calls Sumpter SUMPNER. SUMPNER. I don't see an "n" in that word, do you? So freaking hard headed.

3. I assembled his hamburger bun for him one night. He comes in and says "WHY DID YOU MESS UP MY HAMBURGER!" "YOU KNOW I LIKE MY TOMATO BEFORE MY LETTUCE!!!" Wow. I hate it when things like that ruin my dinner. ;)

4. Once he had worked really hard on the weekends, like six or so months straight without a day off. He was super tired. I always offered to drive home on the way back from John Day. He never let me. Ever. Once he finally relented. I got in, pulled out onto the road and bashed a deer. He was really really happy with me. Yikes.

5. Once while traveling to CO, I needed to pee and was super uncomfy. He refused to stop. I finally said that if he did not stop, he would be minus one passenger. He finally stopped and I refused to get back in the rig. He laughed at me. LAUGHED. Wrong move, Bucko. I walked for miles and miles. Looking for the nearest payphone. To call Mom and Dad. To drive to UT to pick me up. (Good thing I finally got back in the pickup.)

Ok, five. That's about all I can think of that's share-worthy. TAG! You're all it!


Amy said...

KILLING ME!!! Just got on to do mine and saw yours and it's FANTASTIC!!! Thanks for playing.


Hysterical! Love the hamburger thing. Love the walking for miles and miles. Love his slaughtering of the English language. Love this post!

jlcumber said...

#3 is the freaking BEST of the BEST!!! I needed that laugh this AM! Thank you Sam. :) I will have to do mine. I will work on that today.