Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Turkey Day, All!

Dancing Turkey Animation provided by

May you eat so much pie...
That you let out a happy sigh...

May your Turkey induced nap...
Be on a friendly lap...

May you feel gratitude...
For all things in your latitude...(don't judge, you try rhyming gratitude!)

Happy Thanksgiving Day, y'all! Love yas. (I know, I haven't quit my day job. AND, even after going toe to toe with a VP this week, I didn't LOSE my job.)

Remember, the most important Thanksgiving message of all:

"You can't gum a radish!"

God Bless.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Halloween...At Long Last

Ok, so we did celebrate Halloween over here on the East side...just haven't taken the time to post it yet. WE were batty this Halloween. Har de har har. It was sooo nice this year, we didn't even have to Trick-or-Treat in our parkas! Seriously, one year our pumpkins were frozen solid the night we tried to carve always seems the weather turns unseasonably cold and nasty right before it's time for the candy dash. So, sorry it's so late....but get a look at those pumpkins...the little orange 'uns and the ones in batman/batgirl suits! :)

Shouldn't Batman look tough and intimidating, not like you want to kiss his sweet little cheeks? :)

Looks like Batgirl kicked Catwoman's arse and took her fake nails!

Na na na na na na na na...BATMAN!!!

E's Frankenstein. He was really cute....if I only could have gotten his picture taken a little better.

Daddio's powersaw horsey pumpkin. He always shows us up.

T-Bone's Ironman. He had eyes, but Mom stinks as a photographer, so you can't see 'em.

My raccoon pumpkin...can you see the outline of his little face? Pretty easy to carve, actually.

Happy Halloween y'all..even if it's late...XOXO

Friday, November 7, 2008

Swoopy Bang

So, I have been trying to stay with the trends. My college aged students help me keep my street 'cred by keeping me up with fashion, music, etc. I still TRY to pay attention. However, this newish swoopy bang thang is something I just could NOT master. I have a very high hairline, like receding old man hairline, so my attempt at swoopy bang looked like poopy bang. Finally, my hair master Ms. Dena, suggested I part to the other side and try to avoid the cowlick that was responsible for my non-swoopy bang look. Voila. Worked pretty dern well. Plus, since Rho posted her new hair for comment, I thought I would too. Be gentle. I have a more fragile ego than she does. :) Happy Friday, yall!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Eggo Sports Center

Fall sports are now over. Sadly. It was a rip roarin good time, but a HUGE time commitment. Dad coaching TBoney and the footballers and Mom coaching E and the volleyballers. T made two big touchdowns this season, as well as an extra point! (One touchdown was during the LAST game. Mom had forgotten the cute football cupcakes, so she ran home to pick them up and...sigh, missed the TOUCHDOWN.) He had a wonderful season and hugged his friend at the beginning of each game when they met. There should be mandatory hugging in football. Sweet. Baby girl rocked her first season of vb. Hustler, that girl. Also, she served really well. We only let them serve five at a time before rotating, and she served five in a row quite a few times! We're now entertaining some offers from rival grade schools and some endorsement offers. Hard to harness all of this talent. :) But most of all, we learned to love sports and BE GOOD sports! :)

TGIO...Thank Goodness it's Over

Ok. I, too am coming out of the funk. I, too made a similar comment to what my intelligent, thoughtful, and kind cousin made. I will stand behind whatever yayhoo they put in charge, even if he refuses to salute the flag. Minor details. However, is this going a BIT too far? Mercy. Click on this link:

Obama is the New Regan