Monday, December 22, 2008

Big Girl Camera Shots

A symbol of our freedom. Why? Eagles don't make me feel free. Wild horses do. :)
Wild horse. Yes, I am serious. I checked. Long tail. Check. No visible horse shoes. Check. Long story, but it appears I am an idiot. Took bunch of pictures of a saddle horse once while hunting. Vera funny. Ask Rhonda.
Gorgeous sunset.
Picturesque Bear Valley.
Foggy Tree.

So, I am no Jenny (I wish) or Uncle Roger (phew...dodged a bullet there)..but here are some shots I took during Elk season, because I wasn't shooting my dang shootin' iron. :( WAAAAAAHHHHHHHH. Let me know what you think. Critique, ideas, and tips and tricks welcome. XOXO


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Caroling

Oh, 'tis one of the sweetest signs of the season. Little sweet peas singing Christmas carols. Tristan had a Christmas program at school, and did GREAT. There was even a portion where the audience had to get up and dance the Hamster dance. Jay rocked it. Yeah, right.

E is getting so big now. No program for the little buggers. They go sing at the hospital. Their school is close, so this year and last they walk up to sing carols. Pretty fun...and they get cookies from the cafeteria.

While we're at it...a challenge. Post your favorite Christmas carol. Mine? Sleigh Ride. I also love Little Drummer Boy. Really, I am a sucker. I like 'em all.

Uninteresting piece of Christmas trivia - I just wrapped the LAST Christmas gift this evening! YIPPEE!!!!

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow! (For a while.)

This was our little snow storm we had been hearing about in the forecast since Monday. It's here. It's been snowing HARD since about 2pm. Still snowing now at 6:11 pm. Yow.

Sissy, showing the ample accumulation on the outdoor kiddie patio furniture. (Most was from last had just started snowing when I took this pic.)

Tristan, stuck in a blizzard, in a snowdrift. Helpless, all alone. Needin' a mama. Sad, really.

The 2008 Eggert family Christmas tree. Sans presents. By now, you can barely see the freaking tree because my little angel pies are spoiled rotten and we have presents coming out the kazoo. Went with all gold for years, all red last year, and this year mostly red with a touch of gold. It's workin for me. We don't do the fancy nancy pantsy buy at the tree lot trees. We go with "go to the woods, play in the snow until dark, frantically try to find a tree with the aid of a battery- needing Maglite, grab one that doesn't make you cry with pity and take the sucker home" approach to Christmas tree selection. I would highly recommend it. (Although this year there wasn't enough snow, so Daddy went to the woods and got it while we were @ the Holiday Music Festival at the University.) Hee Hee.
Merry Christmas to everyone! We love you!
:)) <- That there's a dubble chin. From all the fudge I dun been eatin'. Not good.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Smiles

I got a new camera for my birthday. It's kind of a big girl camera, so I have no dern clue how to use it...but thanks to PDub, I am learning some. Plus, I have asked Jenny for lessons, so we'll see. This is one of the shots from my first batch o' pics. Sweet babies, right out of the bath, decorating the tree. Tree pics coming soon.



Monday, December 15, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside

Winter came Saturday. Didn't miss you, old friend. Not complaining, tho, 'cause to have the first real snow in mid December is totally dodging a bullet. However, it's hovering around 8 inches here, and it's 9 now. With the wind chill it's -5. J is working in High Valley, so it's like probably pretty cool up there too. (Any folks familiar with Union Co out there? Can I get an Amen!?...Bergman, Aunt Jan, anyone? Bueller?)

Big fun was had on Saturday when we went to Kennewick shopping. We got shut down before Mecham because of a wreck and waited a half hour. Dude behind us in a Dodge was way tooo cool to sit there and wait so went barreling down through the median to try to reach the parallel road to us that was acutally an onramp to the freeway, and got his big Dodge butt stuck in the bank. It was poetic justice, beautiful and priceless to see. Some NICE and helpful Ford owner came and hauled his big arse out of the bank. Not me, mister. He would have been on top of that mountain 'til spring, if it had been up to me. Jerk. Anyway, got kicked off the freeway again before Pendleton, and had to take the old highway into town. Pretty hairy, but the Big Red Car goes great in the snow, so we were cool. Took three hours. Shouldn't have taken over 1.75, actually.

Then we came home to these temps. Perty cool here on the East side. Heard you west siders actually had a few flakes, too. Scratch that, you have A BUNCH OF FLAKES in your city. Be careful, watch out for idiots. This has been a public service announcement.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Grant County Pride

Guess what happened in Hillsboro over the weekend? Other than the sound of pies being devoured, look what else!!

Grant Union High School State Champs!

It's hard, to be honest with you. I spent most of my life with this school as a rival, and now my niece is there, and I have to support it. I was sooo proud! I teach a class this fall, and I did a score report on the board Monday morning. It looked like this:

GUHS - 3A State Champs
Imbler - 1A State Champs (Joseph runner up...go E. Oregon Teams!!)
OSU=not enough UO=too much

Plus, Travis McMasters' team, West Albany, plays this weekend for the state title at Hillsboro stadium as well! (That's Chris McMasters' son, who is Roy and Leanna's son.)

Pretty exciting for the Grant kids. Andria texted me and said school was a madhouse on Monday. GO PROS!! :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Elk Season 2008

Andy, Dad and I had flagtail unit cow tags. We were looking for this...

Not this.

No matter, we could not find either. Saw nothing. Shot at nothing. Very sad indeed. A good time was had by all, however, dinging around in the woods and hearing funny logging stories.

Also, Dad was able to test his amazing memory and remember what roads lead to which other roads, and stuff like that. I can't remember last Tuesday, let alone road numbers from a job I worked back in the early 70's. Pretty amazing, if you ask me.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Turkey Day, All!

Dancing Turkey Animation provided by

May you eat so much pie...
That you let out a happy sigh...

May your Turkey induced nap...
Be on a friendly lap...

May you feel gratitude...
For all things in your latitude...(don't judge, you try rhyming gratitude!)

Happy Thanksgiving Day, y'all! Love yas. (I know, I haven't quit my day job. AND, even after going toe to toe with a VP this week, I didn't LOSE my job.)

Remember, the most important Thanksgiving message of all:

"You can't gum a radish!"

God Bless.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Halloween...At Long Last

Ok, so we did celebrate Halloween over here on the East side...just haven't taken the time to post it yet. WE were batty this Halloween. Har de har har. It was sooo nice this year, we didn't even have to Trick-or-Treat in our parkas! Seriously, one year our pumpkins were frozen solid the night we tried to carve always seems the weather turns unseasonably cold and nasty right before it's time for the candy dash. So, sorry it's so late....but get a look at those pumpkins...the little orange 'uns and the ones in batman/batgirl suits! :)

Shouldn't Batman look tough and intimidating, not like you want to kiss his sweet little cheeks? :)

Looks like Batgirl kicked Catwoman's arse and took her fake nails!

Na na na na na na na na...BATMAN!!!

E's Frankenstein. He was really cute....if I only could have gotten his picture taken a little better.

Daddio's powersaw horsey pumpkin. He always shows us up.

T-Bone's Ironman. He had eyes, but Mom stinks as a photographer, so you can't see 'em.

My raccoon pumpkin...can you see the outline of his little face? Pretty easy to carve, actually.

Happy Halloween y'all..even if it's late...XOXO

Friday, November 7, 2008

Swoopy Bang

So, I have been trying to stay with the trends. My college aged students help me keep my street 'cred by keeping me up with fashion, music, etc. I still TRY to pay attention. However, this newish swoopy bang thang is something I just could NOT master. I have a very high hairline, like receding old man hairline, so my attempt at swoopy bang looked like poopy bang. Finally, my hair master Ms. Dena, suggested I part to the other side and try to avoid the cowlick that was responsible for my non-swoopy bang look. Voila. Worked pretty dern well. Plus, since Rho posted her new hair for comment, I thought I would too. Be gentle. I have a more fragile ego than she does. :) Happy Friday, yall!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Eggo Sports Center

Fall sports are now over. Sadly. It was a rip roarin good time, but a HUGE time commitment. Dad coaching TBoney and the footballers and Mom coaching E and the volleyballers. T made two big touchdowns this season, as well as an extra point! (One touchdown was during the LAST game. Mom had forgotten the cute football cupcakes, so she ran home to pick them up and...sigh, missed the TOUCHDOWN.) He had a wonderful season and hugged his friend at the beginning of each game when they met. There should be mandatory hugging in football. Sweet. Baby girl rocked her first season of vb. Hustler, that girl. Also, she served really well. We only let them serve five at a time before rotating, and she served five in a row quite a few times! We're now entertaining some offers from rival grade schools and some endorsement offers. Hard to harness all of this talent. :) But most of all, we learned to love sports and BE GOOD sports! :)

TGIO...Thank Goodness it's Over

Ok. I, too am coming out of the funk. I, too made a similar comment to what my intelligent, thoughtful, and kind cousin made. I will stand behind whatever yayhoo they put in charge, even if he refuses to salute the flag. Minor details. However, is this going a BIT too far? Mercy. Click on this link:

Obama is the New Regan


Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Birthday, Granny Goose!

Happy 95th Birthday, Grandma!

I love you so very very much. Thanks for always letting me wear your high heels, and you clip on earrings, and your Mary Kay lipstick. Thanks for always making chubby feel cute. Thanks for spoiling me rotten. Thanks for making wonderful ham chow mein and chiney noodles and having us over for dinner. Thanks for having a hammock. Thanks for having lots of beautiful golden leaves for us to get lost in. Thanks for having lilacs. Thanks for your little fun songs you sang like "Home again, home again, jiggety jig" and the toe thing where you would say rothel, roadwhistle, etc..when grabbing our toes. Had no idea what in tarnation you were saying, but I sure liked it. Thanks for always letting us help decorate your Christmas tree. Thanks for poor man's cake. Thanks for being a spirited, fun and loving grandmother. I have been blessed to have you in my life. Love you always!

Samboanny :)

Pie Chart - Good Idea, Amy!

I thought about posting this one, but where, oh where, is my beloved Coconut Cream???
Here's my "most complex personality known to man" pie chart. Yikes. Daunting.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Am I Bluuueee?

Yep, I knew already. Thanks to Dr. Verl Anderson's easy A consumer behavior business course I took in college, I knew which color group I was. He was sooo yellow. He even showed us movies of fellow yellows (I so funny), and acknowleged that blue with strong red tendencies was a scary combination. Uh oh. So I am still violet...violet, right? Blue with a hint of red...

Charactered Traits

  • articulate
  • pragmatic
  • a leader
  • engaging of others
  • enthusiastic
  • persuasive
  • self-regulated

Healthy Traits

  • detail conscious
  • nurturing
  • loyal
  • intimate
  • analytical
  • thoughtful
  • compassionate
  • dependable
Unhealthy Traits
  • emotionally intense
  • hard to please
  • judgmental
  • guilt prone
  • self-righteous
  • a perfectionist
  • worry prone
  • self-critical
  • overly sensitive
  • unforgiving
  • jealous
  • low self-esteem

Dysfunctional Traits
  • naive
  • afraid to face facts
  • indirect communicator

Check out this statement from my comprehensive analysis:
"As a core blue with secondary red, you have the most complex personality known to man. There will never be a dull minute in your life, although at times you would love to simply be white and let the world go by. "

And this gem. I have always felt a bit Cybil-ish. Now I know why!
"You are the ultimate paradox—emotion first, with strong logic secondary. In the end, emotion will always rule your heart, but your behavior may often tell a completely different story. Since you know your heart, you assume others know your good intentions as well. This is rarely the case, however. Others often pull away from you emotionally, which causes you emotional pain since your driving core motivate in life is Intimacy. When you see the needs and wants of the red and blue personalities, you can easily see how yours is, at best, a crapshoot as to whether people can read you accurately or not. You have a hard enough time reading yourself. You may be extremely generous on one occasion and refuse to even participate on another."

Ok, one more...BINGO! Insert my face in the dictionary under this definition.
"You face an intense internal struggle as well as often sending mixed messages to those with whom you interact. You have a strong sense of perfectionism, which comes from fear of not measuring up to your own expectations and the expectations of others—you are never acceptable to yourself simply as you are! You want things done right and can’t understand why others don’t share your same enthusiasm. You get so frustrated with others’ poor performance that you finally criticize them for not paying attention to details (red limitation) and then apologize repeatedly for being so curt."

Ha Ha Hee Hee Ho Ho. This is darn true, this last 'un. Phew. Funny and enlightening. I miss Dr. A. He was a fun yellow fellow. :)

Thanks, Aims. This was fun!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Hey Y'all:

Do I still get partial credit if I turn my assignment in late?

Here's my sixth shot from my sixth folder. Blurry? Well, yes. You will find that 98.8873642% of my shots are blurry. Yep, that's how I roll. So freaking annoying. Anywhooze, this is Lucas, our buddy, wakeboarding behind our boat at Phillips. Not too bad of a shot. I wish it would have been the third or fourth shot in the folder, if so, it would have been these:
My babies the first day w/out training wheels! Too fun. So, what about all the rest of you who read, but did not play....??? C' know you want to!

Anyway, stay tuned later today or tomorrow for Fall sports highlight reel!


Monday, October 20, 2008

Heavens to Betsy...A CONTEST!

I just love that PDub. The very cool blogger chicky over at is one funny lady. Jennifer started me on reading her, and now I can't get enough. I am seriously addicted to her blog. So, this is thanks to her...

Oooh. This is funny stuff. Stop what you are doing. Put down your Yoplait Light Fat Free Strawberry Orange Sunrise yogurt and go to this website.. Woo Wee, this is a good thing on a Monday morning. Check me out: (I tried to put them in chronological can go from 1950 to 2000) Please submit your vote for best photo in the form of a comment.

WTF? I think I look like a cross between Buckwheat and Opie Taylor. Yow.Very June Cleaverish, don't you think?

I am sooo groovy.
Didn't Aunt Char use to rock this 'do? This is my personal fav.I think I have one of those goody combs in my back pocket in this shot.

Yeah, so this is really how my hair looks most of the time. Frizzy. Big.This is SOOO like my jr. year highschool picture. Lovin' the spiral perm. (Sad part hair does that naturally...even now...and it's really not in style right now.)

Happy Monday, y'all.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Mind of TBone Eggert

Remember Becky's post when Codo stole her camera and took some really meaningful and artistic shots of the doorknob, an alarm clock, etc...

Well, this is what happens when your six year old plays with his army men and gets ahold of your camera. That boy kills me. Funny funny kid.

Chopper and watchdog on the fridge. "All clear, boys...move in!!"

"All clear out the dirty window..."
"Nothing here behind the glue...all clear"
"Holy cow, who ate all the banana runts and left the yukky mangos?" "All clear..."
"Dang, those are some big silos, they hold leaves?" "All clear..."
"Yep, from what we can see out the dirty window, all is still clear..."

"We've got the end table covered..."
"And down here, too"
"Television...all clear!"

"Yep, this side too!"
"Heater, clear!"
Thanks, guys. I feel so much safer having my house secured by little green dudes. :)