Monday, July 13, 2009


is alot of work! Just got back from Unity where we spent a week with Mom's side. There were quite a few of us there, and we had a great time! Jay got to try his new Valentine's Day present/wakeboard and totally tore it up! I am not the best boat driver ever, but I am getting better and better. You'd think after ten years I would be GOOD. Anyway, the kids had fun on their little towable thingy too. Jr and Artie both killed rattlesnakes while we were there, not fun stuff. Anyway, then I ran home (love to tow over Dooley mountain..can I get an amen?) and washed all the laundry and cleaned the house and starting prepping for Spring Creek. You have to bring your A game for this campout, people. The menu? Grilled sausage and potato packet, taco salads in individual dorito bags, baked potato bar and angel hair shrimp pasta. Dessert? Scratch coconut cream pie and also an angelfood strawberry creamcheese trifle.

Y'all come!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Codger Butts Drive me nuts!

So, recently I read about some dumb$&^# buying the wrong chemicals for his flowers. Not sure HOW a person could do that. Perhaps it's just age, creeping in. It's sad, really, that the old geezer is losing his faculties...but I guess it's time. Like the circle of life, really. Wanted to find a nice photograph to lift his help him feel better about himself and his adult onset of dyslexia. (I mean really, aging is spelled with no's tragic.) Anyway, I am also putting the finishing touches on a Solo manual that I hope to share with everyone at Spring Creek, because with this turn of events, he may not remember a heart from a diamond next time he makes a pitiful attempt to play. Anyway, this picture represents Uncle Roger to a T! It speaks to the heart of who he is.

(Gotcha, sucka.) (Hope your sense of humor is still intact.)

LOVE and big gooey kisses on your cheek,

Yer favorite wonderful talented smart and amazing niece