Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summer 2009

This is all I can seem to do on the blog lately is save up months and months of material and then spew it forth in one shot! Here's a rundown of summer...
House. We have been needing to side the sucker for...ahem...awhile. So, the real sparkplugs of this family got out there and started demo. That would be myself and the babies. Oooh...demo is my fav. Second shot is after siding. Right now we are typar-ed and waiting for channel. Then we foam and side. SLOW process.
The best dern crew a mommy could ask for! Get those kids a raise!
Fourth of July with Grandma and Grandpa in Dayville~so much fun! Uncle Andy hit it out of the park that night.

Camping for a week plus with the Dickens clan at Unity. Blissful. Even with the rattlers. This is the kid crew in my tent trailer. CUTE runs in this generation!
Emmy even got a little riding in with Kay.
Then camping for an extra long weekend up at Spring Creek with the McMasters and's a McCampout! Little baby Holly puppy. We all heart Holly.
Dad lookin like he's a fixin to open a tall can of whoop ass on me...but actually I think he was animating his story.
Emmy and Papa riding Dave Myers four wheeler. It was a big hit.
Emmy had yet another wedding needing her flower girl services. Our cousin Ryan asked us, and we were honored to accept his invitation. SUCH a nice day on a big ranch out by Heppner. Truly a romantic day. The shot of Ryan and Eva on horseback brought real for real tears to my eyes. It was really a beautiful and special moment. My wish is that they will love each other forever. Amen.
Tristan and Isaac throwing meadow muffins at one another. We're country kids..throwing cow crap at one another is's like breathing. Too dang funny.

Emma and Keegan. So cute.

The sunset between Lexington and Hermiston. So beautiful. I had to stop the car and get a shot. The sun is indeed setting on summer. We have alot of fun to squeeze into the next week or so. Hope your summers were all you had hoped for!

Love and Sunshine,