Monday, April 28, 2008

U sick of lookin at my favorite candy?

Ok, so Becks thought I had died and went to blogger I wanted to post to let you all know what has been up with me....why no posts from the Sham.

1. T's Birthday party - He will turn 6 this Wed, but his party was Saturday. Thank goodness Papa and Red came over for assistance. Papa - thanks for mowing the grass. Gram - thanks for everything else. Can you see gratitude in my chubby little face? (Will clarify this hilarious incident later.)

2. Baseball. Baseball. Baseball. Team pictures last week, practices four nights a week. T has Tue Thur and E has Mon Wed. We are coaching E, and this week our games start. Wish us luck. (BTW - We would like to begin negotiations to see if MoMo could be recruited to join our team. We like peepee dancing at second base, and I think her style would work well on our team. Let's talk long is her current contract? Does she have any endorsements?) Baseball is huge right now in my life. (Also committed to coach E's volleyball team next fall...FUN!!!!!)

3. Feeding, clothing, bathing, yardwork, home repairs, work, homework, hamster care, dog care and everything else I do solo. Yee Haw!

4. Bath and Literature hour. When I could blog, I sometimes opt for my bath and literature hour instead. I will try to be more diligent from now on.

5. Needing a vacation. There are times I will type in BOI and ANY DESITNATION into the travelocity fields just to see how much it would cost just to fly away. Even for the weekend. I haven't been out of Oregon in a very long time. We should plan a McGirls trip. All McGirls invited...IF you bring your thyroid meds. I am not up for a smackdown...maybe later.

That's about it. I am going to play the baby names game...even though its like a month late, cause I have some doosies to share!

Ta Ta!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Raindrops on Roses...

Top Ten Favorite Things:

1. Chewy Atomic Fireballs - Golly Wally. Love these. Like I need to love candy. Just actually discovered these. I eat in moderation. Like, try to moderate before I burn my mouth off.2. Carhartt vest - Carhartt for Women. Have you seen this line yet? LOVE this vest. Wanted it REALLY badly for Christmas, THANKS MOM!
3. Bath and Body Works Antibacterial Soap. Love the scents. Love the creaminess and moisturizing part.
4. My jet tub. My daily escape.
5. Portable DVD player. Never knew traveling could be so peaceful. (I held out a LONG time, too, because I think they already have ENOUGH TV.)
6. Dissolving Whitening Strips - Love the fact taht that I don't have to remember to time them, take them off, etc.
7. Coconut Coffee Mate - YUM. Coffee is mearly a vehicle so I can have this creamy goodness. :)

8. Jason's hammock that he has never sat in. I spend entire days in it in the summer. Not like at Grandma's where, the hammock was a carnival ride. This is read a novel in a day sort of relaxation.

9. My quesadilla maker - Gift from Mother in law. Too fun. The kids love quesadilla night. It's easy, easy, easy.
10. Frog Kisses from T-Bone and Em talking sweetsy motherly talk to her hamster. I swear, my kids make my heart want to beat. So sweet. (Frog kisses are little short breaths on your cheek that sound like Whoo Whoo. How he knows that a frog kisses like that, I have no idear.)

New Hair Day and Belated Happy Easter!

So, here's how I get down. I decide upon all of these cool ideas about which to blog, but the time to blog does not materialize. So, rather, I stalk all of y'alls blogs, comment profusely, and then don't post for weeks at a time. Now, it's baseball season. Two kids in coach pitch, we are coaching E's team, and so practice four nights a week. There goes more of my, oh yeah, you have to feed and water the little critters like, every day. And, fix the hot water heater. Do you ladies know what a thermocouple is? Do you know how to install one? Do you know how to repeatedly "reset" one in hopes that the NEW hot water heater will stay lit for more than a day at a time? Do you know how to fix your pump in your washing machine? You too can learn these things if you choose to run a household and raise children solo, but I can't say I recommend it. :) I am becoming super handy, tho!! Sheesh, so anyway....
Here's a (I admit) super-cute pic of the E-ster with the really cool new 'do. She wanted a boyish haircut, like brother's, that was spikey. I vetoed immediately in my mind, but the words out of my mouth were, "Hey, chicky, it's your hair. You can totally make the call. Let's look in these really super cute books and see what they have for LITTLE GIRLS." HA! You have to get up PRETTY early in the mornin.... Ok, so anyway, we decided spikey on the sides was just as cool. Phew.

Killing the Easter eggos.

Some Easter shots...pretty cold egg hunting this year, as usual. But, hey, it keeps the eggs at a nice temperature to avoid spoilage! :)

POST-BLOG: Sorta like a post script to a letter. Ok, so we were leaving practice last night...this is Emma's practice, so I am coaching this team with Jay. So, this little child on her team is a challenge, but nothing I can't handle. I am firm with her, but the season is early, so I am still trying for the "cool coach" award.

T (from the back seat) - "Mom, were you pissed at _____ tonight?"
E - (Flipping cracking up and not hiding it all that well.)
T - "Were you pissed at _______ tonight?" "What?"
E - (Really snorking and lettin' 'er fly at this point...totally cracking up.)
Me - "Honey, we can't use those words. That is a naughty word. Try angry or frustrated."
T-"Ok, Mom, I didn't know that was a bad word." Sure, T-Bone. Sure. :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

My daughter, little E, loves pets. She is nutzo about them. She got a new pet today. This pet is named Drippy. He is a raindrop. He is the cutest little raindrop I ever did see. He has cute little feet, and cute little hands, and a very cute little look on his face. Not only did Drippy go to T's baseball practice with us, he dined on Tacos with us tonight. (Do you see his little taco E prepared lovingly for him?) I think I will make a miniature placemat and use a Barbie place setting for him tomorrow night. (Do you think I'm nuts yet? Perhaps you're right.) It's so fun having a new member of the family. Welcome, DRIPPY!! (Jenny: Any advice?)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Top Ten Tuesday Movies

Not really big on movies with actual humans in them anymore. Much prefer talking tow trucks, cute furry monsters and talking chipmunks. I'll give it a go, tho.

1. Raising Arizona - Classic from High Skoo - Spring Break my Soph year, perhaps. Funny stuff. (REPEAT OFFENDER - Ain't a perty name, is it Hi?)

2. Legends of the Fall - Love Tristan in that movie and in real life. Can't wait to show it to him when he's bigger. (Scrrrewww the govvement!!)

3. Lake Placid - Like a very bad B grade movie. Too dern funny! Giant Crocodile, eats helicopters. Has Betty White in it and she talks like a drunken sailor. It's hysssterical!

4. Bourne Movies - All of 'em. Love the tension so much that it makes my neck muscles hurt because of the friggin stress!

5. Dances with Woofs - Saw it with Dad in the theatre in Portland. Amazing movie. Cool experience with Pop, guess it's the one and only movie I have ever watched with just he and I. It's kinda special to me.

6. We are Marshall - Kinda sappy, but I love sports and sports movies. Love the heart and sense of community.

7. Cars - Yep, it's a gem for me. (Your name's Mater too?) I think Mater is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Will you marry me, Mater?

8. Pretty Woman - You have to love it if you were a girl in the 90's, right? (I have all this money, and I don't have a dress...)

9. Tombstone - One word. Val. (I'm your huckleberry..)

10. Emperor's New Groove and Kronk's New Groove - WHY DO WE EVEN HAVE THAT LEVER??!!!

Sorry, Rho. Borrowed some of your'n. :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

You want poo stories?

Holy Crap. That's the best way to describe the past couple of weeks. My poor angels have both had this gastro-intestinal bug since spring break started. First E was barfasaurus, then pooasaurus, and then it moved to TBone, and now onto Mommy. Yay! Little league practice started this week, and I am feeling like I'd rather puke than coach little girls on how to swing a bat. Anyway, on to my story. First, puke story. TBone came in my room on Sunday and said "Mom, my shirt is wet." Uh oh, I thought. Perhaps we wee weed in our sleep. Turn on light. Nope, barf with chunks all down his little front. Poor sweet boy. So, we did the midnight bath ritual to get him cleaned up and returned to beddy bye. So, as he was lounging in the jet bath (he calls it the spaceship bath..jet bath, get it?), he says mom, "I made it to the bathroom, though." "Good, good job little man!" So, I went to investigate. Three rooms, blam. So, I washed and washed and washed bedding, floors, surfaces, throw rugs, etc. well into the night. So, it was pretty smooth sailing most of the week save a few near misses with his underoos. Then last night, as I was ingesting my daily dose of blog, he came running out of his room. He was running around in circles (which is the classic peepee dance for him), and saying "I'm full, I'm full!" Ok, I say, tossing the laptop over my shoulder and running toward him. I ran him in the bathroom and yanked down his drawers. Ok, honey, go ahead and go pod pod. He concentrates and strains his little tummy....and kablammm! Poo and air came out in a big ol' shart and went flying all over the floor and wall. It was a mess to end all messes. My floors are all quite clean and disinfected at this point, isn't that a plus? Mommyhood. NOT for sissies.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Men that Secretly Want Me (Very secretly, apparently.)

Here's my top ten cute dude list of all time. I wish I could list obscure ex-boyfriends, or potential ex-boyfriends, but of course you wouldn't have a frigging clue who they were. You may not goes. Theme? Big, bulky. Men. No metrosexual bullshit or frigging manicures or highlighting your hair. Men.

1. Toby Keith - Yeow. Haaasta be #1. Calls himself a "roughneck" that works in the oil fields, or on oil rigs. Loves our troops. Confident, tough. Phew. Is it hot in here?

2.Donny Deutsch - Broad shoulders, white teeth. HIGH energy. Smart. Funny. Rica. Believes in dreams and inspires folks. Snappy dresser. Ok, he may be the ONE metrosexual on the list. :)
3.Brad Paisley - Just a good ol' boy. Never meanin' no harm. Oh, no, wait. Heckuva guitar player. Funny, hilariously so. Kid named huckleberry. CUTE!!

4.LL Cool J - Eyes, lips. Ok, so he does a few crunches too. Not real wild about rappers, but he's pretty easy on the eyes. Weird pail Aussie hat, well, that can go too, but he's ok.

5.Ice Cube - I guess it's the eyes again. And, he's funny. And, he's softened his image and is in family movies. I am a sucker for guys that love kids and isn't afraid to show it. Did I mention his eyes?
6. Drew Carey - Maybe you can explain this to me. Funny. A must. Cornball, too. That gets me. Not full of himself...winner. Cute, chubby. Just my style.

7. Patrick Warburton - Arms. BIG arms. Love those bicepy and missing neck dudes. He's the voice of Kronk, and other characters from the Disney movies. Also family dude. Like him. Like him long time.
8. Matthew McConaughey - Yes, I know he's fading into obscurity a bit, and he's a bit off center, but I am tellin' you, the dude is pretty deep. And, he hates shirts. When you have a rumbly tumbly like his, I'd hate them too. And, he's a Dad now, I hear.
9. Sam Elliott - Quintessential cowboy. I think he lives in Oregon? part of the time. Hugely underrated. Amazingly sexy. Voice. Eyes. Gritty. Tough. Has the eye thing going on. GIDDYUP!!
10. John Gruden - How do I love thee? Let me count thy ways. Head Coach, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. First of all, it's a fun team to state the name of. They stink, but who cares??!! Their fans get to gaze upon the splendor of his hotness every week! I DIG intense dudes. He's an intense dude. Blonde, deep beautiful eyes. He's dreamy.