Friday, November 6, 2009

Hiney Cringe

One of my favorite bloggers of all time is PDub (The Pioneer Woman). Thanks to Jennifer, I read her blog almost daily. Her site is so refreshing to a fellow mommy with too much to do, and living a country-fied kinda life. Anywho, when she mentions something that is really too much, something that makes your toenails curl, something that is OUT of your comfort zone or is just entirely TOO embarassing, she says it makes her "hiney cringe". (What exactly, would that look like...?) Ick. Anyway, I have had two hiney cringe moments as of late. One, last Thursday at 7pm, and again this Thursday at 7pm. Ug.

I love to sing, but only after two or more glasses of white wine, and only with my louder than average, belt it out and drown out all others, rockstar of a brother. Then and only then do I feel comfy singing. But I have two of my dearest friends that sing in the community choir here in The Big. They have for years, and say it's really good for the soul. Well, I have been WANTING to for ages, but was soooo AFRAID! I don't read music. I don't sing. I know nothing. So, I went and let 'er rip like I knew what the hellllll I was doin'. Don't get me wrong, I'm not fooling anyone. Just last night, our conductor said I need that to be "mezzo forte". Ok, big guy, comin' right up. I can mezzo forte with the best of 'um. (Mezzo usually isn't my forte. Sorry. Couldn't resist. Bad jokes are my defense mechanism when I'm scaredy.) Anyway, the first week all of the Italian notations from the conductor and on the page of Clingon in front of me, I was getting pretty slapsticky. I was NERVOUS!!!!!!!! I asked my darling gorgeous talented operatic soprano friend standing next to me..."J, this says 'Tutti' on it....are we supposed to now start singing the theme song to the Facts of Life?" Got her good on that one. She was cracking up. Anyway, concert is first weekend in December. Only three more rehearsals left. Pray for me, k?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm PsychIC...not PsychO

So, baby boo was feeling ill yesterday, so I stayed home with him. While I was sad he was sick, some days you can literally feel childhood slipping away, giving way to adolescence, puberty, college, marriage, his kno? It's all too much. So, I was honored to have a chance to sit in the chair, cuddle him under the fuzzy pink throw and watch cartoons for hours. It sure helped him feel better. Daddy and Sissy went to run errands in the evening and we were having a Jenga tourney. While watching the World Serious. I said, "Oohh, honey, Chase Utley's up. He's hit like seven homers in the series so far, he's got two on, and if he knocks this one out, it would make a three run homer." Sure enough, that pitch. Schmack. Outta the park. It was funny. T got a huge kick out of it. Then he said "I was praying and praying." Powerful boy, that one.