Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Oh, people. Sit. Let me tell you something. This day has BEEN A LONG TIME COMING. From the first day my son watched the first Transformer movie, he has been awaiting June 24. It's scribbled in Sharpie on the calendar in his sister's hand, its a benchmark for other dates..."is that before the Transformer movie comes out, or after?" It's like BT=BC or AT=AD. It's funny stuff I tell you what! So, today has arrived. The day that will bring my son such joy and happiness. (Especially that he is getting to watch another PG-13 movie. Usually I pre-screen the PG-13 material and then zip through the icky stuff. I'll have to use the 'hide his eyes' technique in the theatre, I guess.) Anywhoozle, I am taking him today to the matinee. Maybe. I was thinking of doing mommy and brother only, but then sissy might get bummed. However, I did just mommy and sissy at the theatre when Nemo came out, but we didn't even HAVE a T-Bone then, did we? Or, we could do family movie night tonight...usually we only go to the Drive-in as a family. So, you see my conundrum? I need your help. What would you all do?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Some pretty IMPORTANT stuff has been taking place at our house...but I was alone for the month of May, so we were dealing with the "hair on fire" only issues. Blogging fell away from the list of important stuff.

MOST importantly, Tristan's 7th BIRTHDAY! Big fun. First real sleepover. All about Transformers. Good stuff. Here's a little hint of the fun. The BIGGEST HIT? Apple Bobbing. Who knew?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oh how I needed humor today..

Thanks to my gf Kerri for the smile.