Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Mommy!

I hope you enjoyed your birthday. And I hope you enjoy your birthday dinner and cake tonight.


Love, J,S,E,T

Friday, February 20, 2009


I meant to post this last week, but our mystery birthday girl was out of town, so it would have done no good at all. So, this past week a very special member of my life had a birthday. She doesn't like alot of hooplah, or the special dinner and special cake and partyish weekend events that I have planned for her will make her blush...but we just have to commemorate her big day! Happy Birthday, you rockin' chick! We love you so much. You're just such a cut up!! (Inside joke...ask her later.) Anyone want to guess who's birthday it was?????

To help, here's a top ten (mixed) list that may help you.

1. She was born on Feb 13

2. Her skin is wayyyy prettier than most people's

3. She loves the color red

4. She is really funny. She always makes me crack up.

5. Don't piss her off. Just. Don't.

6. She's EXTREMELY competetive.

7. She's really really talented. Crafty, artsy, great aesthetic eye.

8. She drives really fast, doesn't get any tickets. (Refer to #2 and #9)

9. She has the blackest, most beautiful eyes in the world.

10. She loves raccoons.

After we compile some votes, we'll do a big reveal later today or tomorrow. Stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Family...Meet Chocolate Chip. Chocolate Chip, meet family.

I have been threatening for awhile now to post about the hamster mania that overtook our house awhile back. My little angel girl decided for last Christmas that she wanted a hamster. She and her best friend both wanted a hamster. They wanted matching little hamsters from Santa Claus for Christmas 2007. They wanted matching hamsters that could wear little matching headbands, matching outfits with matching cages. It wasn't really like a want, it was more of a desperation. I began to talk to her about how savvy Mr. Claus was, that he would NEVER give a live animal for a child that didn't know anything about hamsters, and who was too young to care for them properly. No sirree. The fat man would NEVER let that happen. No way, no how. Let's spell it together...Give me a B. Give me an A. Give me, ok it's a long word. Backfire. She checked out every book in the school library about pets, hamsters, rodent populations in general, etc. She then talked about little else. Seriously, I was worried about her mental health if the big guy didn't come through. It was tough stuff. Well, S. Claus came through bigo timo, for both of the girls. She cried for real tears of joy when she saw him under the tree in his cute little cage. She nearly passed out from excitement. It was seriously touching to see her level of excitement. Truly. Then the unthinkable happened. He got wet tail and died. We drove to Pendleton (no pet store in our town) and bought a new one on a week night asap after it happened. He was cute and we loved him nearly as much as Hammy. His name was Peanut Butter. Peanut Butter was a freaking wimp. Little sucker only lived less than a week. Weak. SO, we took off during spring break last year and came up with this little dude, Chocolate Chip. He is really quite cute, doesn't smell, and has been a nice little addition to the fam. Really. (And for those of you who know me well, I don't do indoor animals, or stink of any kind....and he's really not bad at all.) He's cute as can be, and he's made my little sweet pea one happy hamster owner.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Ha Ha Hee Hee Ho Ho - Black Widow Kisses

(How do I post a video from youtube right here? Do I have to be a member? Fellow bloggers, please inform. Thanks.)

Cousin Larry McMasters sent this over to me this week. Killed me off. Too funny. (Consider yourself lucky, Billy'd be licking your butt for a week to get the taste out of your mouth.)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tummy Ache? Try an artifact!

So, this Elk season when Dad and I were hunting, we ate a little bit of junk food. Just a tiny bit. And, my tummy started acting up. After searching my purse for relief, I asked Dad if he had any medicine. He told me to look in the jockey box, and sure enough in there I found some Tempo tabs. I remembered those from childhood. Good medicine, as I remembered it. I looked at the package, and there were numbers printed on it. I chuckled when I saw the sequence of letters and numbers. Nov 87. November 1987. Aaah, I remember it well. Not really, just know I was in the 8th grade. That's about all I remember from that year. Anyway, I laughed and said something like "Hey Dad, these like expired in the Regan administration." "Well", he said, "then let your damn stomach hurt then." Then we both cracked up. So, I opened the foil package with a bit of trepidation. I remembered them being mint green, soft and chewy. Upon opening I found yellow, hard and petrified. I tried to chew it, and I couldn't even bite into it. Why did I try? Let's just say morbid curiosity. Let's not misunderstand. I am not dissing Dad's medicine kit in his truck, I am glad he has one. It is much worse here at my house, inside my medicine cabinet when I found medicine awhile back that expired in 1999. Emma got a chuckle out of that since that was the year she was BORN. :) Good times, good times.

Friday, February 6, 2009

What I found in my car....

So, I am suffering from pent up posting energy, so I am going to be hitting you with a few posts in a row that I have been wanting to share for awhile. This first foray into my ultra successful and so together life is what I found in my car this fall. It was full on fall sports season, so I was likely to find most anything. I didn't expect a half baked pizza crust, tho. That's one thing I found. You know....(validation please..can I get an amen??) you go with the plastic when the checker asks, you buy roundish things, and they roll out of the bag and hide their little sneaky selves under the third row seat. Add Indian summer heat, and voila! Half baked pizza crust. As for the other, we went to a garage sale and E found the Praying Mantis. She was homeless and without a loving home, and clearly in a family way. It was our civic duty to see that she had a healthy environment to give birth. So, she got to live in our peony bush. You're welcome, fellow humans and insects on the planet. Just another service we provide.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Holy Cwap!

It's been awhile since I shared. Here goes.

-Coaching basketball. Emma's team. She's a star. Good stuff.

-Went to the woods on Saturday to sled and shoot new guns we got for Christmas. Got stuck. Spent 4 hours trying to get out. If it weren't for Brent and Theresa, we would live in the woods now. We'd be eating bark soup. Not good.

-Watched my little angel watch in wonder as his beloved Steelers kicked the crapola out of Phoenix. Pics with Roethlisberger jersey and face paint coming soon. (Homemade face paint. With gel food coloring. Wonder what his face looked like afterward?)

-Got sick sunday night. Been home from work until today.

-Dog is sick. She's 14. On her last legs. Was thinking she wouldn't make it through the week. Mom's leftover roast beef has maybe helped her turn a corner. Keep your fingers crossed.

-Swimming lessons start tomorrow.

-No rest for the wicked. And, no time to practice my wicked solo game. What?