Monday, March 29, 2010


What a break we had! Went to Oceanside on Monday, and stayed in the GLORIOUS beach house mom and dad graciously rented for us, and played on the beach, ate at the Sea Hag, watched them play the bottles, laughed until my face hurt, chewed gum biotch (inside joke) and had a MARVELOUS TIME! Hardest part was leaving this gorgeous gourmet kitchen, it was so lovely!!! Anyway, then hit the zoo on the way home. Such a nice week! Thanks, Grandma Red and Papa Big Truck!! We LOVE you!!!

Cave @ Oceanside - Emma wasn't a huge fan. Can you tell? Me neither, really. Saw a BUNCH of falling rocks before entering. Yikesy poo.

Nonnie looks like she thinks I am going to harm her or sumpthin. :)

Baby Annie Woo. She hearts me so.


jlcumber said...

FUN FUN! I so still wish we could have gotten it together to come and visit you guys!!!

Sam said...

Me too, Jen. :(