Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Praise God!

When we started to get good news about Daddio, I took a moment on my FB page to Praise God....there are many reasons for the decision to do so, but then I decided that wasn't quite right. If I only praise Him for a moment, then what's the point? Like, praise him really quick and then go on with my non-praising ways? Nah. Can't have it. So, honestly, amid my blubbering and sobbing and grateful release of tears, on Monday I dropped to the bathroom floor and clasped my hands together and prayerfully thanked Him for every blessing He has ever bestowed upon me. Like, profuesly. Yup. Tried to leave no stone unturned. I was all, "And, (sob...sob) thank you for helping me find my favorite earring the other day, and thank you for making sure my kids have shoes, and thank you...." Well, you get my drift. Foolish, Samlike, and completely cookoo? Perhaps? I just cannot tell you the way this has made me feel! Like I can totally take on the world. You pair that with a the beauty, comfort and joy of an old friend back in my life, and yes...I'm totally obnoxiously happy. I'm like...this happy!

Free and happy, like this hippie voodoo weirdball chick! :) God is GOOD! :D


Jan said...

So do I Sam, so do I.

Sam said...