Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Basketball 2010

So, I'm coaching the wee girl again this year...but something dramatically different has happened this year. She's no longer the 4th grade semi-timid quiet player. She's in the 5th grade, dangit...and she's got MOOOOVES!! I couldn't be prouder of her, she's an offensive rebounding, point guard playing, defense playin' fool, I tell ya! I am going to attempt to get some pictures today. With timing the quarters, keeping the lineup straight, giving my college student ref a hard time and calling him zebra, goofing off with the girlies, and chatting with the asst. coach, I forget to photograph the games. But I will. Again, just couldn't be prouder of that little chicky. :)


jlcumber said...

Great job E!! :) I hope to see pictures soon!

Cris said...

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